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A company that is uniquely well-situated in an unattractive industry may still be able to earn good profits. With the aid of a strategic group map, it is easier to a. In achieving co-alignment, firms must recognize that strategy is a way of thinking. How well is the company's strategy working? In identifying an industry's dominant economic features, it is important to consider such things as a. A company that is uniquely well-situated in an unattractive industry may still be able to earn good profits. A company's competitive strategy is increasingly effective the more it provides good defenses against the five competitive forces. The existence of tariffs, import quotas, and government-mandated regulations f. Whether the buyers of an industry's product have strong or weak bargaining leverage over the terms and conditions of sale depends on a. Environmental practices mandated by law Adjusting facilities for those customers with disabilities Investment in insurance programs for risk reduction purposes All of the above Indicate the item that doesn't accurately describe the characteristics of the firm's mission statement. Environmental scanning is a powerful technique for identifying what economic traits, competitive forces, and driving forces are most likely to dominate the industry in the future.

How attractive is the industry in terms of its prospects for above average profitability? The competitive threat that outsiders will enter the industry is weaker when a.

Important factors for company managers to consider in drawing conclusions about whether the industry is an attractive or unattractive business to be in include: a.

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Buyer attachment to established brands 7. Which of the following are NOT among the most common types of driving forces? The suppliers to an industry are a strong competitive force when a. Federal and state regulatory agencies e.

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Firms in the industry hold key patents and possess significant proprietary technology e. A product that is pretty much standardized from rival to rival d.

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A reduction in the prices of substitute products

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Strategic Management Multiple Choice Questions