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Once you know what printing format is required, you can make preparations. Either way, contact the relevant office a few days before you want to submit. Years of work have culminated in this one piece of work, and you're prepared to submit it to your university office.

Take an hour out to have coffee with a friend or dinner with family or anything that involves communicating with another human being.

Phd thesis structure

Put in your thanks or acknowledgements. Recognise that the end is in sight One of the scariest things about a PhD is that it is your project and only you can write it. Check your images, graphs, and tables. A declaration in the preface stating: This thesis is the result of my own work and includes nothing which is the outcome of work done in collaboration except as declared in the Preface and specified in the text. Make sure that your labels are legible and that your images are high enough quality for printing. Where information has been derived from other sources, I confirm that this has been indicated in the thesis. Years of work have culminated in this one piece of work, and you're prepared to submit it to your university office.

You must submit two bound copies of the thesis for examination. As anyone will tell you, the final few months before submitting a PhD thesis are a whirlwind.

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Just in case there are any problems with the submission of your thesis, you have paperwork showing that you gave it in at a particular date and time. Layout Both sides of the paper may be used. Originals, not photocopies may be used, in which case these must be secured permanently inside the thesis not by use of adhesive tape. You're almost certainly stressed , exhausted, and very glad to be done. As anyone will tell you, the final few months before submitting a PhD thesis are a whirlwind. If it is separate from the bound volume it must be clearly labelled with the same information as on the title page. Find out more about these requirements Format your thesis UCL theses should be submitted in a specific format, this applies to both the viva and final copies of your thesis.

Pagination All pages must be numbered in one continuous sequence, i. Find a printing shop and visit it a few days before you submit, describe what you need, and find out how long it will take and how much it will cost.

Make preparations for printing.

Phd submission guidelines ugc

Impact Statement The abstract should be followed by an impact statement consisting of no more than words. Most universities will have either a central office where theses are submitted usually a sub-department of the library , or you will have to hand in your thesis to your department directly. You may submit a hard bound thesis as your first submission, along with all the paperwork listed below for a first submission. What paperwork is needed? Now your thesis is handed in, along with all the paperwork, you are free to celebrate! In terms of thesis, this meant going through all the criteria for submission from how to set out the title page to downloading the form that I needed to complete when I submitted. There are usually requirements about what information should and should not be included on a title page. Let them know that you're planning to submit, find out when the office is open, and enquire about any paperwork you will need to complete. You may also need to submit evidence of coursework that you have completed, or classes which you have attended. Knowing that this would be the case a couple of months before submitting, I decided to get organised. About a month before submitting my thesis , I found myself uttering this sentence working on ancient infertility inevitably means that any analogies I make are related to childbirth in some way. They very kindly ended up staying open 30 minutes later than normal, during which time they had to deal with a slightly hyper and very tired PhD student I still owe them a box of chocolates.

Check your printing requirements. For more advice for PhD students, take a look at these articles:.

phd thesis submission letter

If you wish to submit material in any other form, your supervisor must contact Research Degrees well in advance of submission of the thesis.

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Submitting your PhD thesis