Suffering and compassion

May you never suffer; may your suffering make you stronger and kinder. You can't be present for people if you believe that you're feeling their pain.

compassion vs empathy

And if compassion means wanting others to be free of suffering, how can you want for others what you won't give to yourself? It's not possible to feel another person's pain. From a sociological perspective, suffering deserves our attention because reducing the suffering of others is the most human act possible.

Member Login The Play of Suffering and Compassion We all know the experience of suffering: from subtle to horrendous, it is the feeling that something has to change in order for us to be happy.

Suffering can only teach suffering. I've taken the walk myself.

How to show compassion

Our nature is already whole. This may sound daunting, but keep in mind that the eternity she is speaking about is our own true Self. If permanent abiding happiness is to be found, that which is eternal will have to be realized. There can't be. As a teacher of Buddhism and mindfulness I spend much of my time hearing people express their struggles and fears. What I love about separate bodies is that when you hurt, I don't -- it's not my turn. This is a valuable lesson for teachers, who can promote cooperative learning in the classroom. Notice and savor how good it feels to be compassionate. It's clear, it's kind, it's effortless, and it's irresistible. Pain-free, happy, and totally available if someone needs you -- a listener, a teacher in the house, a Buddha in the house, the one who lives it. Because I don't believe my thoughts, sadness can't exist. We can and do experience periods of relative happiness through striving, but these are transient because they are contingent upon circumstances which are always shifting and changing. Humans have known methods for eliminating most severe pain-produced suffering. Curb inequality: Research suggests that as people feel a greater sense of status over others , they feel less compassion. Preventable suffering also includes chronic illness and any other major illness for which a cure is known but for a variety of reasons, the cure is not accessible or available for the victim.

Having caring people around you who are willing to listen and provide a wise counsel greatly helps. It manifests out of the non-dual nature of form as a passionate spiritual counterbalance to our suffering sense of isolation.

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Compassion: The Less You Suffer, the Kinder You Naturally Become