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We finally fought back. All in all, Iago claims he wants to protect Cassio, but in actuality, he deliberately makes Cassio seem to be the one at fault. They are known for anti-Muslim and misogynistic rhetoric. In that way, their ideology is similar to many European far-right groups — like the French National Front and Danish Party for Freedom — who push hardline anti-immigration policies at the same time they call for greater tolerance in the form of secularism and gender equality, all the while attempting to distance themselves from overt racists.

Rather than seek treatment, he said goodbye and committed suicide. Sherman and three adults appear outside with Eric in a straitjacket and being restrained by two men, with Mrs.

The war against whites and Europeans and Western society is very real. Othello calls on Iago to explain, who claims he would never speak a bad word against Cassio. Unlike Milly's father, Eric's uncle and the remaining Michaelsons refuse to give up: Eric's uncle beats his drinking problem and gets an excellent job; the Michaelson's dog Max gets better; Louis dominates the bullies down the street using a water gun full of urine.

Though Sohrab knows his father's name, he is unaware that the man before him is Rostam.

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Milly hears that Eric's parents died in a plane crash. Later that evening, Milly thinks she spots Eric on his roof during a thunderstorm and after climbing into the attic, she finds Eric, who is shivering with cold and still wearing a strait-jacket after managing to somehow escape the institute. Cassio, lightweight that he is, gets drunker than everybody else, and begins to moralize about how they shouldn't be drunk, as he'd like his soul to be saved when he dies. Roderigo then enters, and Iago sends him off after Cassio. Not shockingly, Iago does his usual thing when left alone with someone: he slanders the person who's just left the room. Othello thinks Iago's meager report of Cassio's wrong is his attempt to cover for Cassio, which lets him imagine that Cassio is even more at fault. Iago then sings another song, of a King Stephen who's too distracted by his clothes, and so loses his kingdom.

This makes it a sure bet that Othello will come in and ask just what all the fuss is about. Although McInnes has attempted to distance his organization from the violence of Charlottesville, violence is firmly entrenched in Proud Boy dogma.

The two armies face each other and prepare for the imminent battle. Dr Grenader, however, puts forth a more logical explanation and explains her belief that Eric can fly may be due to stress caused by the death of her father as he died from cancer.

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