Tabulated lists according to the majority of writing authorities

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This Section discusses specific RuleSpeak guidelines for its use. Example with an ambiguous "or" … A project must be considered active if it has a manager, a budget, or a sponsor. Project management can be defined as the planning, monitoring and control of all aspects of a project and the motivation of all those involved in it, in order to achieve the project objectives within agreed criteria of time, cost and performance. For example, for peritonitis, our targets include digestive diseases, such as intestinal obstruction; genitourinary diseases such as salpingitis and oophoritis; pregnancy, childbirth, and puerperium disease; conditions such as abortions; and some intentional and unintentional injuries. Additionally, five states and one city use ranked choice ballots to ensure that overseas and military voters can fully express their choices in elections that may go to a runoff. Tabulation is a stylistic device commonly applied in legal and other forms of writing for simplification and clarity. Promotes Reflective Representation Compared to winner-take-all elections, ranked choice voting in multi-winner contests allows more diverse groups of voters to elect candidates of choice. The claimant has: made more than six claims in the last two years. The largest category of GCs is type 1. Order all your homework assignments from a truly remarkable online service. Section 3. Georgetown University Student Organization Standards. In multi-winner ranked choice voting elections smaller groups of voters together elect one of the winners.

Why Use Tabulation There are important reasons to use tabulation in writing business rules. Nevertheless, analyzing levels and trends in causes of death, even in countries with well-functioning cause-of-death registration systems, remains challenging for a number of reasons related to the process of completing death certificates and the coding of each death certificate following standardized international rules.

This bullet convention avoids any suggestion of sequence, importance, or priority.

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For example, infour versions of the ICD were in use at the same time. Although Top Two has admirable goals, it results in a general election that typically features only the top Republican and Democrat and no other choices, or even two Republicans or two Democrats with no other choices.

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However, there are a few matters of style that are unique to legal writing; some of these are discussed below. When Electing One Candidate to Office For a single office, like for a mayor or governor, RCV helps to elect a candidate more reflective of a majority of voters in a single election even when several viable candidates are in the race.

With RCV ballots, a military or overseas voter can vote in the first round and then rank their back-up candidates.

tabulated lists according to the majority of writing authorities

To see how this can work for the U. Second, we distinguished three methods for assigning GC deaths to a set of target underlying causes: proportionate redistribution within an age-sex group, statistical models, and expert judgment.

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The tabulated version is more approachable and much easier for the reader to assimilate correctly. Example without tabulation … A claim must be considered potentially fraudulent if the claimant has made more than six claims in the last two years. Note that when used to elect a multiple candidates to office, ranked choice voting is a form of fair representation voting, and it may be called single transferable vote or STV. Example using "all" to initiate a statement … All the following must be true for a customer. How does ranked choice voting work? MDT on May 8, , or by 5 p. Let's assume the condition applies to both. FairVote research shows that Top Four would result in many more competitive races both between and within political parties, as well as do more to include candidates outside of the two major parties. In the work to date, the identification of target causes for a GC has been based on very general groupings, such as all injuries or all Group I diseases, and the allocation algorithm has largely been based on proportionate distribution within an age-sex group. As with any aggregation procedure, substantial information is lost as compared to the fully disaggregated ICD data that were used to create these lists. As used in this chapter: A 1 "Employee" means: a Every person in the service of the state, or of any county, municipal corporation, township, or school district therein, including regular members of lawfully constituted police and fire departments of municipal corporations and townships, whether paid or Physicians who have not been adequately trained in the principles of the ICD underlying cause of death often use these causes on death certificates. In some cases, such as China or India, data are available only for a sample of deaths from sample registration systems or for subnational areas. Full size table Figure 1 Number of country-years of cause-of-death data by ICD revision from to used in this study based on publicly available datasets. Ranked choice voting in multi-winner elections is commonly used by British organizations as well.

These five statements could be among hundreds or thousands of other business rules.

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