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Home Connections In my weekly newsletter, I always explain to parents what we are working on in each subject area. Second, they begin to look at how their favorite authors distinguish themselves and begin to compare one author's style to another.

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After reading your paragraph to your class, have students guess the emotion that you were trying to reveal through your writing. Tell the class that you will be reading aloud a story that you believe has "lots of voice. Step 2: Ask students to tell you what they think it means for writing to have voice. Make sure that students do not show the emotion on their Voice Card to their classmates. Each writer has passions, opinions, prejudices, and information. Another aspect of voice in expository writing mirrors our voice in the real world. You will need at least one adjective per student, plus one or more to use in a demonstration. It is important to teach students how to write. After awhile a surprising thing began to happen — the scales and Hanon exercises started to pay off and my fingers gained some kinesthetic knowledge of their own. Each character is revealed through both voice and action. Listeners should identify passages that should be changed. The heat, even in the shade of the woods, was uncomfortable, but Sophie went with it, preferring to allow her movements, her breathing, even her thoughts to slow down accordingly. It is the voice of someone who has learned something in spite of himself, and offers encouragement for those guiding their child through this process. Write a short paragraph in which you reveal your assigned emotion. Step 7: Follow up the read aloud with a discussion about why this story had such strong voice and how the author achieved this.

Where does the character live, who and what does the character care about? Step 2: Tell students that they have been assigned an emotion that they will need to portray through writing. You'll laugh out loud!

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Then I realized my students had no idea how to effectively maintain a personal voice while writing. It requires quite a lot of interaction and observation of others in the context of the real world. Instruct students to work individually on revision. Have students read one of the books aloud with a partner. In their Writer's Notebook or on notebook paper, have them write their own paragraph to reveal the emotion they have been assigned. Have each partnership put a sticky note on one of the pages and label it with the emotion they feel is captured by the words on that page. Even my shirt was all stuck to my back and what I really wanted was a blue popsicle or maybe a Gatorade. The kids come up with the unanimous answer of 'NO! Listeners should identify passages that should be changed. What is the character afraid of? Hope you get a chance to check this book out! Tell them that they will be sharing it tomorrow with a group of peers in class who will be looking for examples of strong voice in their piece of writing. Is it serious?

It includes ideas and organization, finding voice in writing, word choice selection and creating sentence fluency. Shared ideas can be directed to: webmaster writingfix.

We talk about Fancy Nancy's unique voice adds a lot of interest to the story. Voice, however, is actually a reflection of an entire personality, including speech patterns.

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When my students go back to their seats, so many of them 'get' voice for the first time and are no longer afraid of taking risks in their writing because they've seen how effective and writing with voice is after reading this mentor text.

And it is good advice from an editor. The more a student reads the more that student will begin to understand voice.

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