The effects of deforestation essay

Deforestation is very necessary stop in order to run the life as usual in better way.

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Loss of species due to deforestation has negatively affected biodiversity. The fire incidences could result from human activities like smoking or charcoal burning in the forests. One of the largest impacts on the planet is deforestation. Deforestation, done in the name of progress, and the long-term, devastating effects of it, is killing our planet. Long and Short Essay on Deforestation in English Deforestation is arising as the main environmental and social issue which has now taken the form of more than a powerful demon. Extinction of some rare species is a threat we are currently facing. Deforestation leads to global warming, air pollution, soil erosion etc. These largely include the need to expand the agricultural land, increase the number of residential colonies, set up new industries and derive various products from trees and plants. Biodiversity is a highly valued aspect of life on earth and its interruption is a loss. Some of them have lost their homes, others have incurred diseases and yet others have gone extinct.

Deforestation also disturbs the water cycle. It will be a total disaster if deforestation is encouraged.

The effects of deforestation essay

We need to preserve trees by stopping the forest cutting or replanting the plants in order to save the animal sanctuary and maintaining the natural cycles of the environment to save the life here in future. The fertility of the soil also reduces owing to the devastation of organic substance.

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It plays a vital role in maintaining ecological balance. Some experts have argued that the clearing of forests is something poor people do more as a result of them not having other alternatives. Roots of trees hold the soil intact and prevent floods. Join more than 50, subscribers receiving regular updates! It has, for example, a negative impact on the land because deforestation harms the soil. We need to find the solutions to deforestation to save our mother earth from imminent danger. Deforestation is one such human activity that has impacted biodiversity vastly. A huge amount of forest area is cleared for mining purposes every year. A large number of species of plants and animals are getting extinct because of deforestation as their habitats are getting destroyed. But we should try to plant more and more trees to maintain the ecological balance on this earth. While some of them move to other places to survive, others are unable to adapt to the environmental changes and get extinct. Continuous cutting of forests is leading to disruption in the water cycle which is leading to erratic rainfalls in different regions. There are lots of adverse effects of deforestation on our environment. People are cutting plants for their agricultural activities, logging to make papers, match-sticks, furniture, etc , urbanization road construction, housing, etc , desertification of land, mining oil and coal mining , fires to get heat , etc. All these essays are crafted for the students of different standards.

Final words: — These are a few essays on deforestation. Absence of trees cause a reduced vapor retention in the atmosphere which result in adverse climate changes.

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Non-government organizations along with government can spread awareness among people. Trees are the primary and important part of nature.

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Deforestation: Facts, Causes & Effects