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Other than the Services provided by Company, you are responsible for all other services, equipment, and facilities including, without limitation, all hardware, telecommunications equipment, connectivity, cabling, and software required to access the Services.

You must be 13 years of age or older to visit or use the Services in any manner. You acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for the form, content, and accuracy of any material or information placed by you on the Services.

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Failure by Company to insist on strict performance of any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement will not operate as a waiver by Company of that or any subsequent default or failure of performance. The Division of Youth Services made no attempt to gloss over or conceal human rights abuses cited by the children or observed by Human Rights Watch, including the use of restraints and punitive segregation.

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Riley said that he cannot guarantee that the children will never be in trouble again, but he said, "I can promise that every mother's child will be safe here. The stages of the commitment process are outlined below. We are supposed to get two blankets but since it's overcrowded we only get one. Also, by agreeing to this Agreement you waive, to the extent permitted under applicable law, any rights or legal requirements that require an original non-electronic signature or the delivery or retention of non-electronic records in order for a contract to be legally binding. Detention Although the State of Colorado, Division of Youth Services operates the secure detention facilities, the responsibility to educate youth residing in secure detention centers belongs to the local school district in which the detention facility is located. The program provides detention and treatment for committed boys and girls. In particular, stop using four-point restraints tying children to beds by their wrists and ankles and three-point restraints tying the torso and both legs to a fixed object. If the parents don't want them at home, the treatment facilities give up on them and a group home doesn't work, the court has no option but to commit them. We'll take a look right away. Some residents criticized conditions.

At Mount View, almost all those interviewed said the food contained foreign substances. The complaint said the center and the public schools had failed to educate its children, even though some were in the center for many months.

It also has completed a federally funded, three-year demonstration project for drug and alcohol treatment called People Empowering Adolescents to Redirect Lives.

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Accordingly, if you wish to access and use those programs, services, tools, materials, or information of the Services, you acknowledge and agree that your use of the Services will constitute acceptance of the Governmentjobs. Should you desire to continue your use of the Services after modification of this Privacy Policy, you must consent to the new terms herein prior to your use. Relatively small, with about fifty children, 38 it can take advantage of community resources not available to larger institutions remote from the community. You shall be solely responsible for the accuracy and completeness of all records, data, and information provided, submitted, or uploaded by you in connection with this Agreement or use of the Services. However, you agree that Company may monitor the Services to 1 comply with any applicable laws, regulations, or other government requests; 2 operate the Services or to protect itself and its users and members; and 3 for such other purposes as it may deem reasonably necessary or appropriate from time to time. An attorney notes that many of those juveniles will receive longer sentences based on non-jury convictions, since the legislature earlier had abolishedjury trials for most juvenile offenses. Your correspondence or any other dealings with third parties found on the Services are solely between you and such third party. Abuses in the State of Georgia.
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