What are the contents of a business plan

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It is always a good idea to think in terms of customer needs and customer benefits as you define your product offerings, rather than thinking of your side of the equation how much the product or service costs, and how you deliver it to the customer. Prices must be set to preserve order in the marketplace.

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What are the direct costs, the gross profit, the overhead costs, and the likely net profit? What competition is there? You're going to provide service after the sale; competitor B doesn't support anything he sells. A Business Case This analysis, in conjunction with an examination of unsuccessful companies and the reasons behind their failure, should provide a good idea of just what key assets and skills are needed to be successful within a given industry and market segment. Make sure that you number your pages correctly so that a person can quickly and easily find the sections they are interested in. Factors that support your claims for success can be mentioned briefly; they will be detailed later. This is very important. Pricing How you price your product is important because it will have a direct effect on the success of your business. Executive summary Write this last. A business plan can be seen as a collection of sub-plans including a marketing plan, financial plan, production plan, and human resource plan. You may want to emphasize any unique features or variations from concepts that can typically be found in the industry. May focus on funding needs, budgetary requirements, and ability to operate within a budget.

Key elements that should be included are: Business concept. Aaker in his book, Developing Business Strategies, suggests concentrating your efforts in four areas: The reasons behind successful as well as unsuccessful firms Prime customer motivators Major component costs Industry mobility barriers According to theory, the performance of a company within a market is directly related to the possession of key assets and skills.

All sections in the business plan format are interrelated, and cannot be written in isolation.

What are the contents of a business plan

The business model for the organization showing where and how the company makes money, similar to Income statement , as well as expected trends, competitor actions, etc. The plan may cover a single product or product line or the whole organization. Once the target market has been detailed, it needs to be further defined to determine the total feasible market. The objective of this section of the plan is to demonstrate that the business will achieve both of these requirements. Your prices must reflect the dynamics of cost, demand, changes in the market and response to your competition. Lastly, indicate how much money you need to raise and the proposed sources. Objectives should be quantifiable, measurable, challenging and achievable. Price The price must cover all your costs and provide a profit. Competitive Analysis Identify and Analyze Your Competition The competitive analysis is a statement of the business strategy and how it relates to the competition. As we've mentioned already, the distribution strategy you choose for your product will be based on several factors that include the channels being used by your competition, your pricing strategy and your own internal resources. Since competitive advantages are developed from key assets and skills, you should sit down and put together a competitive strength grid. The type of distribution network you choose will depend upon the industry and the size of the market. An organization or the entire enterprise. Rather, price to sell. With that in mind, jump right in.

Rather, price to sell. This includes: Advertising. Full-length resumes should be appended to the plan. Remember that your plan is neither a static document nor simply a tool with which to get funding; it is an evolving statement of all the ideas, research and actions which you are employing to ensure the survival and growth of your business.

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They'll want to know what suppliers or experts you've spoken to about your business and their response to your idea. Indicate the expected turnover and profitability for the following year. Be specific in showing how you will give your business a competitive edge. How will the product be transported to its point of sale? You can help the business plan appraiser by briefly considering such questions yourself and assessing the likely risks particularly of falling sales or rising prices. What to Include in Your Business Plan Before you physically start writing your business plan, you need to spend some time doing in-depth research into your industry and market. Of course, there are other factors that you'll need to evaluate from the revenue model. The sales or revenue model charts the potential for the product, as well as the business, over a set period of time. Retail distributors.

May include projected Pro-forma Income statements or Balance sheets for future years. A potential lender is going to want to know how successful you're going to be in this particular business.

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You need to explain to the reader the extent of the competition. In order to accomplish this, the promotion strategy encompasses every marketing tool utilized in the communication effort. Each should be written by people who are fully aware of the contents and intricacies of the other areas of the plan so that the different sections are all integrated. If you wish, provide curricula vitae for the key staff in the appendices. It's based on not only an analysis of the market but on highly targeted and competitive distribution, pricing and promotional strategies. Those questions contrast with the focus of the business plan, which addresses similar issues about the organization or about the business. The product description statement should be complete enough to give the reader a clear idea of your intentions. Executive summary Write this last. Are any of the features unique? However, since it is the first bit you will read, we will describe it first. It doesn't attempt to hold the reader's attention for an extended period of time, and this is important if you're presenting to a potential investor who will have other plans he or she will need to read as well. The business case is organized around an action or decision, to address business case questions like those given above. Conversion of users from the total feasible market.

Is organized around: A single action or single decision and its alternatives. There are many outlines for business plan documents.

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Contents of a Business Plan