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Stay tuned for my next article on Women on Business to learn three ways to do it. Companies that pay on time develop better relationships with their suppliers and are in a stronger position to negotiate better deals, payment terms and discounts. To ensure your company has enough money to meet its daily financial obligations as well as to fund normal business operations, you must efficiently and effectively manage working capital. Control expenses carefully. Despite the potential advantages of longer-term planning in working capital, it is still largely a field of shorter term decision making. For example, suppose a company expects long-term interest rates to fall. Emergency loans are an excellent way to address sudden shortfalls in working capital. Watch your stock. If yes, state the reasons therefore.

The level of working capital available to an organization can be measured by comparing its current assets against current liabilities. Three strategies are possible with respect to the financing of working capital.

Also Read Related Articles:. Where necessary, specialist training should be delivered so that everyone shares the same outlook on financial management.

importance of working capital

Too much inventory on hand will reduce the risk of a company failing to satisfy customer needs, but it can also reduce profitability. Periodic inventory checks are useful in monitoring levels of different types of stock and alerting finance to any recurring overstock or understock issues.

What techniques are applied in exercising such control? Cash budgeting involves estimating the requirements of cash by estimating all the fore coming receipts and payments.

Having easily accessible working capital at any given moment enables organizations to minimize the opportunity cost of foregone opportunities, and careful regulation of working capital strategic criteria can ensure the appropriate amount is available. In the case of controlled. If stock levels are unknown, then it is difficult to manage the optimum level and the company risks experiencing a loss in sales as a result of a shortfall in materials.

This may be due to late or early receipt of materials etc. That is why companies are constantly looking for ways to improve their working capital position. Having a high level of working capital indicates a well-managed company with a greater potential for growth.

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Five Tips for Effectively Managing Working Capital