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They also liked how it was environmentally friendly without being a burden to charge or buy. This idea for a vehicle was announced in order to take away from the attention in which the electric vehicle was receiving. Rather, it came up with something that would still use oil for fuel Autoparts Report. The big bad car companies are guilty of killing the electric car. Through negative marketing, a sabotage of the EV1 product program, failure to produce cars to meet existing demand, and unfair business practices leasing electric cars instead of selling them the electric car became an undesirable commodity to the consumer market. The cars were preferred because they did not make a lot of noise while travelling which created a pleasant experience for the users. History of Electric Vehicles The steady increase in electric vehicles over the past 10 years is a result of gasoline scarcity.

He begins with the consumers. This documentary is reminding us about the concept of closure regarding the fact that it is not permanent. Other car manufactures began to produce electric cars, such as Honda, Ford, Chevrolet, and Nissan.

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They also liked how it was environmentally friendly without being a burden to charge or buy. It seemed the EV was making rapid in-roads.

Who killed the electric car essay

In contrast, interviews with two hydrogen experts gave details why fuel cell vehicles are not likely to be available for another years if ever, whereas battery electric technology is available now, has been rapidly improving since the mid s and is cost effective. In order to achieve this goal, they sued the state of California and gave huge tax breaks to those who bought and drove SUVs. This created a competition between all of the car manufactures, in order to see who could develop the most superior electric car. However, experts knew that this type of vehicle was impossible to have and was not realistic or comparable to the EV1. As automobile emissions are a single of the key sources of greenhouse gases, men and women must discover ways to minimize their quantity. Of course, automakers were already obstructing public demand through poor advertising, using an inexperienced sales team and exaggerating the limitations of the car to potential leasees. While this is true, the world needs to address the need to switch to renewable energy sources and eliminate dependence on fossil fuel. In general I enjoyed this film because it clearly went through each factor that contributed to the demise of the electric car. Also, not all locations get electricity from fossil fuels.

These arguments were disputed by others as the average daily commute is only 29 miles, the battery technology rapidly improved to increase driving range to beyond miles per charge, and mass production of the cars would further bring down the cost of manufacture.

The car companies, General Motors in particular, interpreted the EV1 as a vehicle that was of no use to them because they could not make money off of it. The ZEV legislation required two percent of vehicles sold in California to be emissions free by and ten percent of the cars sold in California to be emissions free by The story stems from California from the early s to They argued that the cars had a limited driving range of 60 miles per charge and that consumers would not want to 'pay more' for a car that 'does less'.

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My personal belief if that he killed himself. One of the concessions that CARB gave the automakers was that they would only have to keep making EVs to meet public demand. Christopher Lampton believes that electric vehicles will require less Should we bring back he electric car words - 5 pages Tesla Model S, which is a horsepower lithium-ion battery charged vehicle what is used in general electronics , with a top speed of MPH. In fact, one of the first automobiles did not run on fossil fuels. The batteries were not poorly performing as opposed to what the car company claims. The documentary really focusses on the case of GM and the EV1. Thus, they introduced the Zero Emission Vehicle Mandate. With the fear of losing business to a competing technology, the oil companies supported all efforts to get rid of the ZEV mandate which would stop car manufacturers from making electric cars. It is not the battery that killed the electric car. They started leasing them publicly in They made it their goal to get out of the mandate that required they offer these vehicles and to go back to gas fun cars only. As new social groups form, interpretive flexibility is reintroduced. And for these reasons I believe he was Business Report: Mass Customization and New Business Practices What should the imaginary electric car company, Shockwave, do in order to proceed into the future in terms of mass customization?

Standard testing and upkeep enhances its life and improves efficiency.

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