Writing a successful funding bids

Find the local priorities: Most funders want evidence that you actually know what the priorities of your Local Strategic Partnership, the Council and other strategic bodies are.

writing a successful funding bids

As a result, funders are rejecting proposals that they might well have accepted in the past, and it's hard to envisage this situation easing any time soon. These documents tell us what is needed in the local area.

Lawrie also teaches the course Contracts and Commissioning - Getting Money from Government, aimed at securing money from statutory sources. This will help the funder feel confident that you can make a difference.

If you are new to the funder, show them that they can trust you to deliver the proposed project.

letter requesting funding for school

Offer a human story Try to include case studies of people you have helped or plan to help. Well, it's all down to planning and preparation — and sound, unemotional decision-making.

how to ask for funding

And the rest of the world includes trusts, companies and government bodies. Your application must clearly explain this to the funder in a way that is coherent, easy to follow and which can be measured and translated into a measurable project plan to measure success against.

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Top ten tips for writing funding bids